Health Care

After more than 10 years of healthcare reforms, it is more than clear that Congress has become part of the insurance business. Obamacare 1.0 and the failed-to-pass Obamacare 2.0 put the center of the reform in and around the insurance industry. In addition, Obamacare heavily taxed the average American to pay for that insurance. As a result, the cost for healthcare skyrocketed but the care did not improve. In fact, many small medical practices closed doors, making it harder for people to get access to Healthcare. Today our healthcare is not affordable and the coverage is not easy to access due to high deductibles.


We need to get the Government out of the health insurance business and focus on elevating doctor/patient relationships. Using that as a foundation brick, we need to lower the costs of healthcare and reduce unnecessary third-party involvement. Tax relief is very needed in the area of healthcare. I am also asking 2nd district constituencies with similar ideas to share them, as I want to draft (or co-sponsor) a bill in the first year of Congress, if elected, to address the issue of accessing low-cost, quality healthcare.

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