Election Integrity

Our elections should be as safe and secure as possible.  Regardless of which candidates voters in Michigan cast a ballot for in 2020, the uncertainty of that election has undermined our confidence in elections across our country.  Some of my ideas of election reform include:
  • Voter ID required.  One vote per US Citizen.
  • Only legal ballots counted...and counted only ONCE.
  • Mail in ballots subject any election to fraud.  Their access should be greatly limited.
  • Ban mass mailing of absentee ballot applications. (Jocelyn Benson)
  • No voting tabulators should physically connect to any other devices.  Eliminating machines and handcounting ballots should be our goal.
  • Ban private donations to election causes. (CTCL & CEIR)
  • Ban election navigators.
  • Counterfeiting a ballot should be as difficult as counterfeiting currency.
  • All elections should be based upon constitutional requirements. 
  • Equal protection under the law must apply to all legal voters,

Stop the steal by (AP Photo/Paul Sancya) is licensed under N/A N/A

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