Revolver Investigation, Part Three: Exposing the Media’s Plot to Hide Record Vaccine Deaths and Deceive Americans

Reader’s Note: This is Part Two of a three part series. If you haven’t done so, please read Part One here and Part Two here

Guest Post by Michael Thau, Ph.D.

Established in 1990, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is supposed to be “the nation’s frontline system for monitoring vaccine safety.”

In just five and a half months, the VAERS system has already processed more reports of Americans dying after taking a COVID-19 vaccine than it has for all the other 56 available vaccines combined over a 28 year timespan.

Reports of uncomfortably close calls with death are also flooding the system.

Similarly, the VAERS registry reflects reports of unwelcome medical conditions of all kinds since December 14, when Pfizer started raking in billions selling its version of the vaccine. Recall that the Pfizer vaccine was the the first to employ mRNA nanotechnology to the public on an emergency use authorization from the FDA.

In Part One and Part Two of this series, we explained the VAERS system and explained the VAERS data above in great detail. The picture that emerges is one of, if not deception, then certainly an underestimation of the threat of the Covid vaccine relative to the manner in which government and health authorities present these vaccine data officially.

We noted how strange it is that such a relatively unknown reporting system should be relied upon at all for such a publicized and rushed affair as the Covid vaccine. Why not better publicize the existence of the VAERS database so as to gather a more accurate picture of the vaccine’s effects?

In order to fully contextualize the problems with the VAERS database and the public presentation of its data, it is important to remind ourselves of the general atmosphere of deception surrounding the entire Covid episode.

This concluding installment will touch upon other questionable aspects of the government and health authorities’ response to COVID-19 that support our skeptical approach to VAERS in Parts One and Two of this series.

Accordingly, we now refresh our memory as to health officials’ deceptive accounting when it came to the COVID-19 death rate.

Deliberately Hiding the Real Official Death Rate

According to the CDC’s latest estimates, COVID-19’s survival rate is:
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