Noor Bin Ladin Reflects on Osama’s Death and Biden’s America, Where Patriots Are the New “Terrorists”

Guest post by Noor Bin Ladin

Ten years ago on this day, the world watched as Barack Obama officially announced the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

It took a decade, but the most notorious terrorist in modern history had finally met his fate. The Free World could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

At the time, my immediate thoughts went out to the victims of 9/11. I had hoped that this moment could provide solace — however little — and some form of closure to those directly impacted by this tragedy.

This sentiment turned into concern soon afterwards, when both the lack of communication by the Obama Administration and the operation itself turned out to raise more questions than they answered for many victims — questions for which I hope they will one day receive answers.

For the sake of clarity and those who might be curious, the news did not affect me personally. I never met Osama bin Laden, I was never in contact with Osama bin Laden, and I had absolutely nothing in common with him.

Or so I thought.

Recently I stumbled upon the CIA’s released listing of English books seized in Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound. Surprisingly, I discovered I had researched some of the very same contentious topics — such as the Federal Reserve’s founding, the Committee of 300, and even Project MK Ultra. Incredibly, also on his shelf was a book on electronic voting machines and their proneness to fraud.

Of course, our motivations to understand the inner workings of America’s Deep State were diametrically opposed. While his were born of his hatred of America, mine are spurred by my love for that great nation and admiration for the American Experiment. Freedom, I had realized very young, was not to be taken for granted — and neither should the Founding Fathers’ monumental achievement in conceiving the freest, most just form of society to this day.

This is why I am heartbroken by the state in which America finds herself today, with her foundational values besmirched and her sovereignty almost fully usurped by her treasonous ruling class.

As I have previously written, this planned demolition from within has spanned decades; the 21st century merely heralded the final stages of the nation’s transformation from a constitutional republic to the globalist system we see emerging today.

September 11th shook our world to the core. Aside from being devastated, like many of us I was terrified of another atrocious attack. I thought that the very real danger of Islamic terrorism, with these cells having been allowed to fester in the West for years, justified the immediate implementation of protective measures.

Barring a few prescient voices warning of the threat it would pose to Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights, support for the Patriot Act was overwhelming and thus was set in motion the unprecedented growth of the national security apparatus. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was swiftly created, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) was expanded, the National Security Agency (NSA) and other intel agencies were given more reach — all in the promise that it would help prevent future attacks.

Two decades on, it’s painfully obvious that those who had sounded the alarm were right: the very measures enacted to protect Americans from foreign threats are now being used to terrorize them if they dare question their rulers’ legitimacy.

In conjunction with a politicized, two-tiered justice system, victims of egregious infringements by their own government have very little to no recourse under the law, and face a grueling process to try and get these injustices rectified.

While the past five years gave us countless examples of such cases, the current treatment of the so-called Capitol ‘insurrectionists’ of January 6 perfectly illustrates the current Regime’s modus operandi in its treatment of ‘dissidents.’

If you are a regular Revolver reader, you know that no insurrection took place on that day, despite all the Regime Media’s best efforts to convince us otherwise. Indeed, since I first wrote about my take on events shortly thereafter, Revolver’s investigative team has unraveled one manufactured aspect of the narrative after another, through a series of meticulous articles providing incontrovertible proof that 1/6 is yet another media hoax.

From the fallacy that five people died at the hands of violent Trump protestors (none did), to the claim that it was an ‘armed insurrection’ (it wasn’t), it turns out that 1/6 was in fact a largely peaceful protest, with a number of infiltrators tasked with creating a chaotic scene for the cameras. The framing did the rest.

The objective behind this entire production is clear: impeach President Trump and justify the persecution of anyone who dares question the result of the 2020 elections.
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