Michigan Trump Patriots Are Working to Censure Impeachment Traitors Upton and Meijer – THEY NEED YOUR HELP!

Two of the ten GOP turncoats who voted to impeach President Donald J. Trump over the January 6th protest, when the same Congress did nothing to fight voter fraud, are now at risk of being censured: Fred Upton and Peter Meijer.

Even though a censure is just a political scarlet letter, establishment forces in the party are working to try and prevent them from being censured.

Republican Grassroots leaders are pushing state committee members to condemn the actions of the two turncoats.

One anonymous state committee member reached out to say:

“Fred Upton and Peter Meijer who both campaigned on supporting the President and his agenda, need to face the consequences of their actions, that is why I am pushing the Michigan State Republican Party to condemn their actions instead of disenfranchising thousands of Trump voters.”

The GOP is still President Trump’s party, with 97% of respondents in the February 2021 CPAC straw poll saying they still ‘strongly support’ President Trump. The real question is whether GOP leaders will recognize that abandoning Trumpism will only lead to the destruction of the party.

When asked how to support their efforts in condemning Meijer and Upton, the anonymous committee member pleaded Republican voters to contact the individuals that are either unclear on how they plan on voting or have previously said that they would not support such a resolution.

“Many committee members have told me that we shouldn’t formally condemn Peter Meijer and Fred Upton because Republicans should not attack other Republicans. What that really means is that it’s okay for them to attack President Trump by impeaching and condemning him, but not okay for us to attack the Republican establishment”.

The districts involved where the representative has either said they will not censure Meijer and Upton, or that they were unsure on whether or not to do so, is the following list:

1st District Representative Sandra Call, 231-620-5348, [email protected]

2nd District Representative Katie Heyboer, 616-308-5005, [email protected]

3rd District Representative Tish Loftis, 616-307-2692, [email protected]

4th District Representative Mary Nordbeck, 989-277-7094, [email protected]

5th District Representative Mary Ann Rankey, 989-714-6571, [email protected]

6th District Representative Trisha Nesbitt, 269-615-0654, [email protected]

7th District Representative Dennis Armstrong, 734-652-3090, [email protected]

8th District Representative Norm Shinkle, 517-256-4666, [email protected]

12th District Representative Jennifer Helmer, 734-368-1732, [email protected]

14th District Representative Mayra Rodriguez, 313-618-4992, [email protected]

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