Meijer touts 'DOGE' plan for COVID relief, responds to Trump's comments

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  • Source: Fox 17
  • 03/02/2021
WASHINGTON D.C. — Minutes after calling for Republican unity Sunday, former President Donald Trump went back on the offensive against some Republican lawmakers. Naming names of those who voted to impeach him, telling supporters, “get rid of ‘em all.”

U.S. Rep. Peter Meijer, R-Grand Rapids and Rep. Fred Upton, R-St. Joseph were among the 17.

“I think [Trump] built a very good low-dollar fundraising base and there's more money to be made there and there's a lot of people who build livelihoods off of that fundraising and they will continue to do it. This is a fundraising effort, let's be very clear,” Meijer said about Trump’s CPAC address.

Meijer telling FOX 17 he wants the party to move past Trump and if he is the nominee come 2024, it will mean “defeat” for the GOP.

‘I would rather we have a party that's able to win competitive elections. I'd rather we have a party that's able to put forward solutions based on conservative principles. A party that's a party of ideas, and frankly what we've gotten over the past four years has been the loss of the House, the loss of the White House and the loss of the Senate, and that was all before January 6,” Meijer said.

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