It’s The Little Things

A reader writes:
Here’s a follow-up of sorts to the e-mail I sent you a couple weeks ago with the RiteAid vaccine form asking for “sex assigned at birth.” The screenshot below is from Activity Hero (, a very popular site that parents use to find and sign up for children’s day camps, classes, and other activities. Many organizations use its services and direct you there to register and pay. As I was updating my children’s profiles, I noticed some new choices — see the screenshot below. I’ve removed identifying information. I clicked on “Custom” for gender and for “How do you prefer to be addressed?” to show the boxes that appear for entering your child’s “custom gender” and “custom pronoun.” (It’s not clear from the way it’s presented, but they are asking for the child’s gender and pronoun, not “yours.” And of course they really mean “referred to” rather than “addressed.”) Once something like this starts to spread, there’s no stopping it these days. The wide array of sex/gender/pronoun options will very quickly become the new norm, and resisters and stragglers will be a-woke-n by hook or by crook to the need to go beyond the binary boxes we’ve been forced into all these millenia. I mean, why wouldn’t you adopt the new, inclusive scheme? It doesn’t hurt anyone to offer the choices — but it may save a child’s life. Do you really hate trans people that much? And once it’s established — who will change the forms (bathroom doors, etc.) back to the old ways, even if the trans-fad passes? The ratchet effect will apply, and we’ll be stuck with it for a very long time.

It’s the little things that let you know how far the revolution has advanced, and that advance the revolution. An intake form at a children’s activity website. It’s a very minor thing at first glance, but in truth, it’s not a minor thing at all. This is an example of framing — that is, of setting the terms by which people interpret reality. The idea that sex and gender are something different, and that gender is entirely mutable, according to individual will — this is a sign that this lie has become embedded in the social and psychological fabric of everyday reality. And, as the reader indicates, it is going to be very hard to unlearn this lie. Look:

What do we do about it? France, thank God, is not as far gone as we Americans are down this insane path. 

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