Statement on Afghanistan

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Republican Candidate Tom Norton released the following statement today:

"Rep. Peter Meijer showed up on Fox News to criticize the Biden Administration for not importing Afghan refugees fast enough. He can’t be bothered to serve his own constituents, but he is eager to go on national television to advocate for bringing more unscreened Afghan refugees. This is absolutely the wrong policy for our country. I served in Afghanistan during the ForeverWar, and while I know there are some individuals who were helpful to the US, there were many more who were supposed “allies” but would execute American soldiers from behind. The world has also just witnessed the rape of a 13- year-old girl by three Afghani refugees in Austria. We don’t want that happening here in the US. The correct solution is to resettle any Afghan refugees in a neutral third country like Jordan with a culture more compatible with their own. The Biden Administration has already stated that new, freedom-loving Cuban refugees escaping Communism will not be settled in the United States but in a third country; why should unscreened Afghans get a free ticket to Grand Rapids? When Peter Meijer voted to impeach President Trump, I knew that wouldn’t be the last of his betrayals, and now he has confirmed it. I look forward to debating him – if he has the courage to face me – on this and many other issues where he puts America last and I put America, and Americans, first."

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